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From Blair Baxter Owner, 3DFitness Transformation Center Dear Friend:
  • Does it seem like losing weight and getting into shape takes forever?
  • Do you constantly yo-yo back and forth, instead of maintaining your hard-earned results?
  • Is working out and trying to stay in shape a boring, taxing chore without any real upside?
My name is Blair Baxter, and after more than 20 years spent in the fitness industry, I’m here to show you the guaranteed system you need to get into the best shape of your life, the system you’ve always waited for but never knew actually existed. Not only that, but you’ll have fun while you do it!   We focus on attention and tailoring our training programs to your fitness level. The added benefit of a motivating coach help pushes you to be at your best. When you join the supportive and friendly environment at 3DFitness Transformation Center, you’ll benefit from a community where each person helps to motivate the rest. Our workouts are fun, engaging, unique and innovative, and we guarantee that you’ll see results — quickly and safely. Our proven workouts deliver winning results by focusing on strength training to build lean muscle mass, burn fat and calories and turn your metabolism up to scorching for long-lasting success, too. You’ll look and feel at your absolute best, and you won’t believe how quickly you’ll be able to see results. With our no strings attached, 7-day FREE trial, you’ll be able to try out our program for yourself, with no risk.  At the end of those 7 days, we have either earned your business, or we didn't.   Our program has already helped countless others smash through roadblocks and barriers on their way to amazing fitness and weight loss success. Come see what we’re all about, and why we have such a sterling reputation with our clients. Start today, and you’ll already be one crucial step ahead.Lauren P's body transformation! register Body Transformation register Own's before and after register
  • Get a flatter belly, and tone up your hips and butt
  • Quickly see results, and maintain them over the long haul too
  • Look and feel better than ever as you lose weight and build strength
  • Have fun, and enjoy a supportive, motivating and friendly fitness community!

Look and Feel at your Best with Quick & Guaranteed Results!

We know how daunting it can seem to embark on a new fitness or weight loss program. That’s why everything about our personal training program is designed to make it simple and easy for you to get involved, see quick results, and maintain your success. You’ll love our friendly and inviting community, and the motivating environment which we’ve been able to help create. Our workouts are fun, quick, and tailor-made to you and your own unique goals, experience and body. We will get you into better shape, and you’ll look and feel wonderful. We guarantee it!


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  • Small group, semi-private personal training sessions
  • Strength training to burn calories, improve metabolism and build lean muscle mass
  • Personalized programs and routines based on individual goals
  • Fun, friendly and supportive environment
  • Our focus is on your results
  • Look and feel your best, quickly and safely
  • Unconditional 30 day guarantee!
Our program thrives based on the community we have been able to foster. You’ll enjoy a friendly, motivating environment, where all of our members support one another, help encourage one another, and strive together to reach their goals. You’ll also love the personalized attention and support you receive from your personal trainer. Our sole focus is on the results that we help people just like you experience!
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Personalized programs tailored to your needs and goals One size fits all approach, minimal personal attention
Fun, innovative and unique workouts Stale routines and tactics, unproven methods
Supportive and friendly environment Intimidating or unfriendly, no real community
30 day unconditional money back guarantee No guarantees or promises, just a big bill

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Our workouts and boot camp sessions are results-oriented. That means we aim to get you into better shape, to tone up your body, and have you looking and feeling great as quickly as possible. That’s why we’re offering our very special, unconditional guarantee, ensuring that there’s absolutely no risk to signing up with our semi-private Ambler personal training services.


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With our private & semi-private personal training in North Wales, you’ll be enjoying the best possible combination of the motivation and encouragement of group training, with the personalized attention and customized approach of one-on-one training. This is the winning system you need in order to change your life, and transform your body. You don’t have to wait six months or a year to see results, you’ll begin to notice changes immediately. You don’t have to deal with an unfriendly, intimidating or hostile environment, you can have fun in a supportive community while you reach your all-time personal best! Get started with our innovative training methods and see for yourself the amazing results which are truly just around the corner. Sincerely, Blair Baxter Owner 3DFitness Transformation Center PS. If you’re ready to get into the best shape of your life, to build strength and burn fat, and have fun while you do it, then we know you’re going to love our private training sessions. The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll be slimming down, and feeling at your best!